The partnership between Church of the Good Shepherd & Church of Our Saviour

Church of the Good Shepherd’s partnership with Church of Our Saviour in Pleasant Grove is a two-part work. The first part concerns Our Saviour's life as a worshipping community, especially on Sundays, and the second part concerns a plan to convert Our Saviour into a bi-vocational mission:  a worshipping community on Sundays and an Episcopal mission school during the workweek.

Bi-vocationality is a way to sustain an Episcopal ministry in a neighborhood like Pleasant Grove. There are sometimes bi-vocational priests who earn a salary in a day job during the week, and then work as priests on Sundays. Similarly, a parish can be bi-vocational in order to be more financially and institutionally secure. A bi-vocational parish can do other sorts of work during the week, with other sources of income and a different kind of community engagement. Our Saviour can become a church that is a Christian school during the workweek; or, alternatively, it can be seen as a Christian school that gathers for worship on Sunday.

Good Shepherd's Committment 

Good Shepherd is committed to:

1.     Provide weekly Sunday worship and faith formation in order to grow regular attendance to a sustainable size, and to form local leaders to sustain the future of the parish

2.     Discern and assist the parish in carrying out a plan for evangelism and outreach to the local neighborhood

3.     Discern and implement a workable Spanish-language ministry in the parish

4.     Improve the condition of the church property

5.     Discern and implement an ideal structural relationship between Good Shepherd and Our Saviour

6.     Carry out  a feasibility study for opening the Saint James Episcopal Church Farm School, and, if possible, open a financially sustainable school in August 2019, beginning with a small class of 5th grade students, aiming to reach 5th-8th grades, and possibly also 9th-12th grades

The Saint James Episcopal Church Farm School

Good Shepherd clergy are actively carrying out a feasibility study of an Episcopal school in Pleasant Grove. We envision an academically rigorous middle school that may eventually extend through high school. This school would (1) provide academic remediation to children who will likely be underperforming, (2) provide Christian worship and faith formation in the Anglican tradition, and (3) seek to instill practical life skills for success, including but not limited to urban gardening.


A thriving Episcopal church and school at the heart of a thriving Pleasant Grove


The Saint James Episcopal Church Farm School transforms its community by growing Christian leaders through Anglican worship, rigorous education, creation stewardship, and care for the whole person.


Episcopal Identity: Proclamation of the gospel and Christian faith formation in the context of work, study, and prayer in the Anglican tradition

Second Chances to Flourish: Inspiring students, families, and the community to strive for the highest standards of achievement and lifelong learning

A Culture of Virtue: Fostering a culture of perseverance and practice in Christian virtue, common responsibility, and social grace

The Work at Hand: Making a difference by attending to what can be done locally

Human Dignity: Working towards a more just community, mercifully meeting immediate needs, and educating the whole person