We have been proclaiming the good news of God in Christ since 1954. Like many churches, we have struggled to find our place and mission in a changing world and a changing Pleasant Grove. However, several years ago, we found a passion for serving the hungry in Pleasant Grove, and started what is now a thriving community garden program. Now, carrying on a tradition of Anglican worship and service to the poor, we have entered into a partnership with Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd for renewal of our mission and identity in this neighborhood.



We worship in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer. Our worship is simple, elegant, and warm. Each week, we listen to passages from Scripture, sing hymns, recite a psalm, hear God's Word proclaimed in a sermon, and share in Holy Communion.

If you are looking for information about baptisms, weddings, or funerals, please use the form on our contact page, and someone will get back to you soon.

Renewal Project

Good Shepherd Church has committed to joining us in a long-term renewal project. Half of this project is providing us with a priest each Sunday, helping us to become a community more deeply rooted in Scripture and better formed as worshipers. The other part of the project is a feasibility study to explore the possibility of opening an Episcopal school in Pleasant Grove. Our friends at Good Shepherd believe that the gospel calls them to offering people a second chance to flourish, and so they are helping us to thrive as a parish, and seeking to offer struggling children in our neighborhood a chance at flourishing spiritually and academically. Click here to read more about this renewal project.


The Rev. Michael S. Mills, rector of Church of the Good Shepherd, is overseeing our renewal project.

The Rev. Dr. Matthew E. Burdette, curate at Church of the Good Shepherd, provides weekly services, pastoral care, and on-the-ground leadership.